Software for Furniture Solutions

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Created for the distribution to the firm clients.

You can graphically elaborate quotations with the firm price lists.

It's possible to have coloured photorealistic 2D and 3D presentations with the typical firm finishing.

You can automatically order by fax, modem and internet.

The items can be static, dynamic,... in this way they are easier and faster in their use.

Both the quotations and the photorealistic presentations can be printed.

The program is easy to use and doesn' t need any knowledge or particular computer.

A multimedia manual makes the software easier to use.

The items insertion can be done from the firm staff or by the TIPS operators.

The customer service is supplied -  24/24h,  7/7days - directly by the firm and/or by the TIPS staff Help-Desk  

The Help-Desk  system automatically update the software and data.

-its photorealism has a higher quality than its competitors, it include three formalities:

-Real-time for achieving a photorealistic image in less of a second;

-Raytracing and scan line for an incomparable typographical quality with effects like lights, shadows, refraction, reflection, transparency, roughness, metal, particles, bump,...

-VRML for moving in real time inside the project.

-It has not limits in dimensions, elements number, walls,...

- The exclusive "Multiprojection" system allows to work in layout, in 3D, at the same time with all the frontals in elevation for every projection and/or wall.

- The progressive system of multimedial lists makes the program simple and immediate to use as well as complete like the corresponding paper list. The TIPS has been the first company and currently the only one to use this system.

- The programmability and the product parametrization in their professional version, with the exclusive TAL language, has no limits.

The single articles can be completely parametric and you can use a customized shaper for starting all kinds of automatisms.

- The projects and the single articles can be changed with an external cad or by using the instruments already included in the environment. In this way who wants to use his own CAD for making / changing /adding elements can do it
-The projects can be exported in the DXF/DWG and VRML extension

-The composition precision and the couplings of single articles are entrusted to the MARKER owner system

-The products are multilingual and independant from units of measurement.

-ART can be protected and activated for a certain period directly from the producer

-In the web version it works by internet without loosing in functionality, speed and result quality with the INFO-CLI owner system.

-The progressive royalty-free delivery agreement for the distribution of the products to the clients, allows lower costs and consider it as a real marketing instrument.

-The web solutions and / or the TIPS-Up Grade form arrow to have our clients always updated without sending any CD or other material.

It is compatible with  Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP and succesive.

The software can start through the CD-ROM or can be installed on the hard disk.


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