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MASTER-DESIGN® MASTER-DESIGN® is a software product for the furniture field, from the marketing area to the productive area.

MASTER-DESIGN® proposes different solutions for the producer and for its clients.

MASTER-DESIGN® is currently used by thousands of customers spread all over the world.

-The projects and the single articles can be changed with an external cad or by using the instruments already included in the environment. In this way who wants to use his own CAD for making / changing /adding elements can do it.

-The composition precision and the couplings of single articles are entrusted to the MARKER owner system.

-The products are multilingual and independant from units of measurement.

The MASTER-DESIGN® line products are automatically revised either in the programme than in the data with the exclusive system TIPS-UpGrade integrated into the TIPS-HelpDesk service.

MASTER-DESIGN® is a reference solution for the furniture market because

-its photo realism has a higher quality than its competitors, it includes three formalities:

-real-time for achieving a photo realistic image in less than a second;

-ray tracing and scan line for an incomparable typographical quality, with light effects and shadows, refraction, reflection, transparency, roughness, metal, particles, bump,...

-VRML for moving in real time inside the project.

-it has not limits in dimensions, element number, codes quantities, walls,...

-The exclusive "Multiprojection" system allows to work in layout, in 3D, at the same time with all the frontals in elevetion for every projection and/or wall..

-The progressive system of multimedial lists makes the program simple and immediate to use, as well as complete like the corresponding paper list. The TIPS has been the first company and currently the only one to use this system..
Customization of the product with the exclusive TAL language, has no limits.

-The article can be completely shaped, using a customized shaper to perform all kinds of automatisms.
-IT checks the CNC machines indipendently from the whole production cycle

-The producer can modify and/or add in a very simple way new elements or solutions

-In the web version it works by Internet without loosing in functionality, speed and result quality with the INFO-CLI owner system

-"PROJECT AND MANAGEMENT" represents a 360° solution for the producer, from the design to the production management and to the accounting.

-It can be connected to any kind of managerial system or other systems like Windows ,Unix , As400,...

--The progressive royalty-free delivery agreement for the distribution of the products to clients, allows lower costs and is a marketing instrument.

-The web solutions and / or the TIPS-Up Grade form, allows to have our clients always updated without sending any CD or other material.

Ten years of experience of the TIPS technicians is warranty of efficiency and completeness of the products.

MASTER-DESIGN® can count on its own R&D team, that every day adds new functionality and improves the already existant ones by collaborating with the users.

All the packages belonging to MASTER-DESING® are totally realised by TIPS s.r.l

MASTER-DESIGN is a trademark registered by TIPS s.r.l

copyright © 2005 by TIPS S.r.l.