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MASTER-DESIGN software solutions for your selling point

The product for your selling point of the family MASTER-DESIGN is ART-SHOP

In ART-SHOP the user find the standard list with more than 4000 articles:

-completion articles,

The base function is that of ART  with the possibility of managing the proformas/orders and the possibility to modify the archives of the elements in complete autonomy.

In ART-SHOP you can add new elements in a easy way and in a CAD style.(Video D1)

In ART-SHOP you can add new texture in a easy way by a wizard.

ART-SHOP is personalized with the data and brand of the customer.

The database is supplied together with the modes to modify and add articles, colors, etc......

ART-SHOP, as the other products of the line MASTER-DESIGN®, is automaticaly updated, as in the program part than the data with the exclusive system  TIPS-UpGrade integrated in the serviceTIPS-HelpDesk.

ART-SHOP of MASTER-DESIGN®  some characteristics:

- Its photoreality is of high quality and is comprehensive of three modes:
  - real-time to obtain a photorealistic image in less than one second; 
  - raytracing e scan line for a graphic quality uncomparable, with effects such as lights, schadows, reflections, trasparancies, metal, bump....
(Picture gallery)
  - Virtual 3D to move in real time inside the project
(Video B1).

-Does not have limits in dimensions, number of elements, screens,...

- The exclusive system of "Multiprojection" allows to work in plan, in 3D, with all fronts contemporary, per single projection and/or wall.

-The innovative system of the multimediali price lists renders it easy and immediate in the use as complete as the correspondant paper price list.

-The projects and the single articles can be modified directly with an external cad or using the instruments already in the system. In this way who wants to continue to utilize their proper CAD to create/modify/add elements, can do it. 

-With the parametric articles it is possible to make furniture in whatever dimension.

-ART-SHOP is multi Languages  and with indipendent measure units .

-Program Language:

-Price Listi Articles:

-... functions table.


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