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Plan is part of  MASTER-DESIGN® software's family, created for use in the firm

Plan solves in an innovative and comprehensive way the problems of orders acquisition and the consequent production management. It allows the users to work more efficiently trough its graphic and intuitive interface. In fact they can prepare the material for the successive steps in an automatical way.

Plan gives you suggestions about what can be produced,how it should be produced, what must be produced for third parties, what unstorable material can be ordered  .... what is necessary to finish the production. Only PLAN offers this wide range of personalizations: each functionality can fit every production need and method of your firm.

Plan fits every managerial system. The activities such as picking / preparing / manufacturing the materials are simplified by optimizing them on the basis of the manufacturing tipology, of the location in the store and/or of other kinds of reclassifications.The packing and picking can be managed with an automatic barcode control..

The starting-point is the customer order , which can reach the firm in the following ways

  • directly through ART by e-mail.
  • through INFO-CLI by data transmission  
  • automatically through Web-ART
  • from ART via Fax/;
  • by fax or telephone.

The manual insertion of an order by our operators can be made graphically and/or in the classic way by indicating the code and quantity of each item. The following steps are:

  • picking: creation of picking cards, technical cards for production, labels. With a possible automatic control trought TIME CHECK;
  • production of software for numerical control machines;
  • launching of  production;
  • control of  production progress through Time-Check;
  • packingload management and control through Time-Check;
  • final balance analysis for  filled orders, production times...

The PLAN potentiality is stronger through the use of additional forms:

  • TIME-CHECK controls the firm activities,  production progress,  picking and packing automation ...
  • PLAN-CN directly manages the numerical control working centres. The software is automatically prepared on the basis of the elements which are necessary for ordering, by using pre-planned procedures or by creating directly ISO softwares.THe manufacture of tops, shelves, customed elements, basis elements and hardware assembly are prepared automatically through this module.This means no additional work for our ordergathering operators or our technical departement.
  • PLAN-SERVER delegates to a server all the activities concerning printing , sending documents, fastening to external softwares ...
  • INFO-CLI and Help Desk always helps our clients with instruments such as telephone, fax, modem, internet and  e-mails. PLAN automatically gets orders and supplies clients with further information about their orders. Consequently, they can always control  their order progress , can get updated information about our firm services and products and  can update the software...... You can find more details in the product presentation card
  • improves the management of fax / e-mail / sms related to quotations, orders, order confirmations ... and to all internal and external firm fax/messages. Through this module PLAN automatically sends the documents to all clients without intermediate steps. Every  fax sent by a client is underlined in red. Again,you can find further information in the product presentation card.
  • TIPS-UpGrade, updates automatically the program and the data entries of ART, distributed to their own clients, without sending any CD or other instruments.


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